Learn our story of success and how we can help you become financially free through property and business.


Source and sell property deals to investors for a fee


Control and acquire property without a deposit


Learn how to make your money go further in projects

Learn how to do better deals

Learn how to buy properties efficiently, without leaving money in the deal. Or, learn how to spot and secure deals and how to sell them on to other investors for a fee.

Starting in property is hard work and requires lots of capital. Or at least thats what you’re led to believe. With enough knowledge, you can cut down the money you need to invest in property and how to make money quickly – using the right tools and knowing how to identify a deal.

Mentorship Programme

If you have attended a Deighton Winch event, or are more serious about excelling in your property or business journey, why not consider our mentorship?

Success in property and business doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be armed with the right tools, such as how to analyse a good property or venture. With this, you can make a decision on how to grow your wealth wisely.

Having a mentor will help you navigate the many pitfalls in the property business. Working hand in hand with our experienced mentors will give you the edge, and allows you to learn from their mistakes over decades and decades of combined experience.

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